Seal of Biliteracy FAQs
Seal of Biliteracy FAQs
What is the earliest time my child should complete the Biliteracy Exams?
There are three eligibility criteria for the Biliteracy Seal:
1. Grade 10 English Exam in the Regular High School.
2. Pass in TVA HG10 Exam (for Reading & Writing proficiencies)
3. Pass with Intermediate High in OPI conducted by ACTFL (for Speaking & listening proficiencies)
(ACTFL = American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages; OPI = Oral Proficiency Interview)

Grade 10 English Exam can be taken only in High School Grade 10 – this is a natural process that all students will undergo in their regular public school. The application for the Biliteracy Seal can be submitted only in their high school senior year (better to apply in the summer or beginning of the senior year since there is a process that may take 2-4 months).

Can the student complete the TVA HG10 exam when they are still in their 9th grade?
TVA Exam result/score is valid always and does not have an expiration date. Hence the students can take it earlier. TALENT recommends the students to appear for the HG10 exam after completing Nilai 10 lessons. Even though TVA Intermediate and Advanced exams are not mandatory for the Biliteracy process, taking those exams help the students tackle HG10 more easily.

My child wants to complete Tamil school before they go to the High School. Can (s)he write the exam in middle school and apply for the Biliteracy Seal in their High School Senior Year?
The student might be able to take the exams earlier, however, they will have the maturity to take this test only when they are Grade 9 or 10. So, they can take the HG10 exam when they are in Grades 9/10/11.

OPI Exam is valid only for 2 years and hence there is no use taking the exam before they are in Grade 10 (like the English 10). Even if you complete the TVA while you are in the 9th, you must wait for the OPI until the 10th or 11th.

Does the TVA exam result/score expire? Can they take the test again?
The TVA exam score does not expire. Students can reappear for HG10 multiple times and use the best score that they get. The student needs to have the score ready when they apply for the Seal in the beginning of their 12th grade.

Does the OPI exam result/score expire? Can they take the test again?
Yes, the OPI exam expires within two years. So, if the student has taken OPI in their Ninth grade then the results would have expired by the time they apply for the Seal in their 12th grade.

Did the Seal help graduated TALENT to get into top colleges?
TALENT students with their dedication in accomplishing Seal of Biliteracy distincts them from other students with their dedication and motivation. This hard work will support them through their college and beyond. Winning the Seal of Biliteracy is another feather in their resume like the extra curricular accomplishment or a science project award which would certainly add value in college admissions.

The graduated TALENT students are pursuing their undergraduate degree in the following colleges,

Case Western Reserve University, OH
Georgia Tech, GA
University of Maryland (UMD), MD
University of Baltimore Campus (UMBC), MD
University of Austin, TX
Virginia Tech, VA
Washington University in St. Louis, MO

What does a Maryland Seal of Biliteracy look like?
Biliteracy Seal Image

Any additional information on the OPI exam?
Follow this link to pdf document to OPI Examinee handbook